Norcross Chiropractor May Help Sinus Problems

Norcross Chiropractor May Help Sinus Problems

Chiropractor May Help Sinus Problems

Sinuses are hollow cavities in the bones of the face and head. There are eight separate sinuses, four on the left side and four on the right. These are symmetrical in nature. A condition called sinusitis can cause the tissue around the sinus to become inflamed. In the case of acute sinusitis, there is often a fluid blockage of the sinus tissue. This blockage often results in bacterial infections.

People with acute sinusitis often have cold-like symptoms such as headaches and a runny nose. Acute sinusitis may last up to 4 weeks which is much longer than the common cold. Many people look for nasal sprays and decongestants in order to treat their symptoms but chiropractic at Injury & Wellness Specialists of Georgia can provide effective, drug-free relief.

Chiropractic Sinus Adjustment in Norcross

Misaligned vertebrae along the spinal column could be exacerbating the pain from the sinusitis. Thankfully, chiropractors are able to treat the underlying cause of health issues instead of treating the symptoms. Each situation is different and will require slightly different treatment but a chiropractor will focus care on the nerves within the spine causing nerve and tissue dysfunction due to being irritated or pinched.

Call Injury & Wellness Specialists of Georgia in Norcross if you are searching for relief from your sinus problems.


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