Chiropractic Testimonials

"After having chronic lower back pain of several years in duration, I've recently started my treatment at Dr. Modaresi's office. Although my treatment is ongoing and it is too early to write an honest review, I can just say that so far, every time after my treatment, I feel much better and I am optimistic of a future without back pain.

One review that I can write here, is the courteous and professional treatments I have received from Dr. Modaresi and her staff. They truly are one of the best and most respectful health care professionals that I have ever encountered.

Thank you."

- Steven G.

"I was suffering from lower back pain for many years. I was taking pain medication to make the pain go away. I really didn't know if there was anything that could be done until I was referred to Dr. Modaresi by a friend of mine who was very happy with the result of his treatment for neck and shoulder injury. Although I didn't believe she could do miracle, I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. I made an appointment with Dr. Modaresi for consultation. She took an x-ray of my back and immediately knew what treatment I needed.

I was still skeptical, but made a follow up appointment, again thinking I had tried everything else, why not give this a fair chance?
On my first appointment, Dr. Modaresi put me on this machine that pulled my back in upward direction. After three appointments, my pain was gone. This was unbelievable. After all those years of living with back pain, my pain was gone.

I recommend Dr. Modaresi to anyone who has muscle and joint pains."

- Ali K.

"I cannot thank Dr. Modaresi enough for what she did for me. I was in a car accident that caused a lot of pain in my head and neck, and stiffness in my neck and shoulders. I was a very active person before this accident but could no longer do my regular daily activities and felt crippled! My primary care doctor suggested physical therapy, or a visit with a chiropractor to help with the stiffness, and gave me pain medication and muscle relaxers that made me feel like a zombie.

I had heard about Dr. Modaresi, and that her office had some of the most up-to-date physical therapy equipment. So going to Dr. Modaresi was like killing two birds with one stone. A chiropractor office that can also give me physical therapy treatment. I was almost pain free after just one visit with Dr. Modaresi, and was back to normal by the end of my treatment sessions. Thanks to her I am back to my normal self again, with no more pain or stiffness."

- Sharareh E.

"I highly recommend this place for anyone who has any type of pain. The chiropractor knows exactly what shes doing and can fix any problem fast. I had a problem with my hips for over 2 years, I did physical therapy 3 times a week for 2 years with no results. I went in and saw Tannaz for 1-2 months and now I'm pain free and can do the things I love with no restrictions."

- Abe K.

"It has been a great experience, I was in a lot of pain, actually I could not move my neck at all. Dr. Modaresi helped me with my bad back and neck pain, and I was able to work after her treatment. The office personnel and the technical staff were awesome and very professional, they even offered me coffee, tea and sweets. It was a blessing to my life to be treated at the Injury & Wellness Specialist of Georgia. Many thanks, Ramiro."

- Ramiro P.

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